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What is the Restyle Project?

The project starts with the collection of unwanted suits taken to Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design for fashion students to upcycle into new garments. FRENCH83 market the finished garments and sell it on Trade-me to fundraise for a cause. For the past 2 years, we donated the net proceed to Dream Chaser Foundation, a local charity helping children with Cancer.

What is the purpose of The Restyle Project?

The main purpose of the project is to promote sustainable fashion and supporting young kiwi designers to explore more eco-friendly/innovative options in manufacturing their products. Furthermore this project can help others in need – A win-win situation!

How can I get involved?

1/ Trade in your old suits for a $250 discount on your new suit

2/ Purchase a couture piece in our store (coming up soon)

3/ Contribute to The Restyle Project team!

Please note this is a non-profit event and our French83 team has been running this project mainly by volunteering out of working hours. To create a more sustainable fashion future, we need to gather like-minded people and work together! Have any ideas or resources to share? Contact

Check out our gallery below to see past works :